Posted on December 3, 2017 · Posted in Barefoot

Looking for the perfect gift for that someone who’s really stressed out? We’ve got just the thing for you. A Barefoot giftcard – from just £10.

Here’s the run down of our classes to help you pick the right chill pill for you or your favourite stress bunny.

  • Beginners Yoga, we have loads!
Perfect for… absolute beginners to yoga who want to learn the basics, get some calm as well as a great workout. This class covers all the yoga basics including breathing, alignment, some of the key asanas (postures) and their Sanskrit names, inner focus and gaze points. Curious about hot yoga? Wednesdays, 8pm Beginners Hot Yoga – a gentle introduction to the hot, hot heat.

  • Gentle Hatha, Mondays 12.15-1.15pm

Perfect for…  those who with injuries or limited mobility, seniors, postnatal mums, or those who simply want to relax on a manic Monday.

  • Gentle Pilates, Wednesdays 11am-12pm

Perfect for… those curious about Pilates and want to strengthen and tone to a great soundtrack. A classical mat based class designed to take you through the basic principles of Pilates and help you gain strength, control and balance in the body.

  • Yin Yoga, Thursdays 8-9pm

Perfect for… those who want to slow down and balance their energetic, ‘yang’ lifestyles.  Yin involves long-held poses of 3 minutes or more, with no active contraction of the muscles. (All welcome, but 3 months experience in any yoga practice is recommended.)

  • Weekend Wind-down, Fridays 5.15-6.15pm or 6.30-7.30pm

Perfect for… those in need of relaxation and winding-down after a crazy hectic week. A dynamic yoga practice to work your body then relax you down, both physically and mentally in preparation for the weekend. This class is set to ambient music, lit with flickering candles.

Barefoot giftcards are the perfect pressie for that much-needed winter chill-out, or a no-fuss, no-commitment way to lure the curious but hesitant yogi to come try a class. You can get all giftcards and passes in PDF form, or if you prefer come collect our lovely giftcard vouchers in person at studio. BUY NOW