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YOGA is a term for physical, mental and spiritual disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga calms the fluctuations of the mind, connecting with the body to gain flexibility of the mind.

PILATES is a total body work-out to develop leaner longer looking muscles whilst establishing core strength and stability and restoring balance to the body.

Will I lose weight?

It’s possible. Yoga is about freeing your mind and feeling joyful. This can help break patterns of unwanted behaviour, including poor eating habits. Lots of yogis notice they eat healthier food and drink when practising often.

How often should I come?

3 times a week to start to make a difference to body and mind.

How do I know which style / level to choose?

Ask any of our staff, they’re here to make sure you get the most out of your practice. Pop into the studio, give us a call or drop us an email. If you’re new to yoga start with Beginners / Level 1 classes to learn the basics safely. Try our Welcome Intro Offer of £30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga and pilates. This gives you plenty of time to try out different styles and find the best class for you.

How do I get started?

If you’re new to yoga try a beginners class. If you have some yoga experience you can try a Level 1 or 2. Just make sure your teacher knows it’s your first time at Barefoot and let her/him know about any injuries or health issues.

I can’t even touch my toes, should I be even thinking about yoga or pilates?

You’re never going to be good enough, you’re already beyond good enough. Who cares if you can’t touch your toes…yet? Yoga will make you happier and healthier.

What if I don’t like it?

What, you don’t like it?! No seriously, you just haven’t found the right class for you. We offer everything from Hot Yoga to Gentle Hatha Yoga to Pilates, it’s a question of finding what suits you and your personal goals. Every experience is different. Please do book in for a private consultation if you’re not sure where to start.


Where can I leave my bike?

There are several bike parks nearby on Harborne High Street or you are welcome to chain your bike to our railings.

Is there disabled access?

Yes, our smaller ground floor studio and WC is fully wheelchair accessible – for private or small group classes by arrangement.

Can I park my car?

There is free on-street parking available close by and you can park in the Green Man Pub Pay & Display opposite the studio (£2 for 3 hours). There is also parking at Marks and Spencer (access via Metchley Lane) £1/ 90 minutes – refundable if you spend over £3 in Marks and Spencer.


Can I look around the studio before I book?

Of course, please contact us for available times. We will be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions.

Is there a place for my bag/ valuables?

We have changing rooms and there is space in the studio for valuables. Barefoot cannot take responsibility for customers’ valuables.

What about water?

Why pay for the bottled stuff when Birmingham has the best on tap? Bring an old bottle and fill up for free in the  kitchen.

What if I need to shower?

Barefoot has lovely changing rooms and showers and you can hire a towel from reception.

Do you sell yoga stuff?

Yes. Funky yoga mats, hot yoga towels, gift cards and other cool yogi stuff.



How do I pay – do I have to be a member?

Nope…you can just pay for a single class online or at the studio, no membership required. However for best value you may want to sign up for our £30 for 30 days ‘Welcome Intro Offer’ for newbies, and on-going Monthly ‘Unlimited’ offers. Level 1 classes (or any class with ‘Beginner’ in the title) is likely to be busy; try to book at least a week in advance to be sure of a place.

I’ve done yoga / Pilates before, do I need to do a beginners class?

Not necessarily but it’s good to get a few Level 1 classes under your belt. Our beginners classes are very popular and for good reason. Talk to one of our teachers or Front Desk staff, they will be knowledgeable of the content and if there are any prerequisites.

Do you offer private tuition?

Yes, you can book private sessions here. A single 1 hour class costs £60 or a block of 5 for £275 (£55 each).  Not sure? Bring a friend and share the cost.

Do I need to book for a class?

To be sure of a place it’s advisable to book in advance, especially for evening, weekend and beginner’s classes. Your place is not guaranteed unless booked and paid for in advance. You should be OK at other times. Download the FREE Mindbody app (iPhone and android) for easy booking and re-scheduling of classes.

When should I arrive?

At least 10 mins before the class is due to commence, 15 mins if it’s your first time. We open 15 mins before the first morning and afternoon / evening class of the day. Please allow yourself enough time to pay and get changed as all classes begin at the stated start time, prompt.

What if I am late?

You won’t be able to join the class once it has started. We don’t want to disrupt the atmosphere of the class or risk you not being warmed up properly.

What if I need to cancel a class or workshop?

You can cancel or reschedule a class with a minimum 2 hours notice online or using the Mindbody App. Leave it later than that and you lose your class.

If you’re enjoying a Welcome Intro Offer or an ‘Unlimited’ package, the following applies: Two or more late-cancelled or no-shows in a month means you lose advance booking rights for one month = queue up before class and hope for the best. Read our full Terms & Conditions here.

What if I need to cancel a workshop?

Refunds or transfers to another person for a workshop or special event are only possible in exceptional circumstances such as a critical medical health condition. Because our awesome teachers spend hours and hours preparing and changing your mind or a clash with a family party / hangover isn’t really that critical.

What is a Wait List?

When a class or workshop is fully booked you may see the option to add yourself to the Wait List, via the website or using the Mindbody App. Do this! Then, if a spot opens up in class you’ll receive an email or text notifying you. You can then accept or decline. It’s always worth adding yourself to a Wait List as places open up right up to the 2 hour cancellation window before stated start time.

What should I wear?

Comfortable sports type clothing in which you can move freely. Men usually wear shorts and T-Shirt or vest, women usually go for leggings with a T-shirt or vest. For hot classes less is more.

Do I need a mat?

Barefoot has communal mats – and when you become hooked, we sell them too. If you’re using a studio mat please show it (and the next person) some love and wipe down after hot classes. Anti-bacterial wipes provided.

Do I need a towel?

For hot yoga you will need two towels, one for your mat and one for afterwards. You can hire a towel (£1.50 large, £1 small). For non-hot classes a towel is not normally needed but you may like to use one if you are using a communal mat.

Can I eat and drink before class?

You can nibble on light food, nothing heavy up to 2 hours before class. Drink plenty of water before coming to class so you arrive fully hydrated.


What if I have an injury/ medical condition?

Consult your doctor prior to booking and make sure you mention to your teacher at your first class. We will ask you to complete a health screening form before your first class.

My back/ knee/ little toe hurts – can I still do yoga?

Probably. Many of our students find practising yoga or Pilates helps with such niggles and many are referred by physiotherapists or osteopaths. Consult your doctor and listen to your body.

What if I’m pregnant?

We run specialist Pregnancy Yoga classes for women who have reached their 15th week of pregnancy. However, you may want to consult your midwife if you are new to yoga or exercise. Our general yoga and Pilates classes are not suitable during pregnancy as not all instructors are trained in this area. Much as we try to be as inclusive as possible, our general classes are too large to give the attention required for safe pregnancy practice. Please do not ask us to make an exception.

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