Hot Yoga

A complete mind and body workout achieved through a series of postures practised in a heated room. Your muscles will stretch and compress more deeply than in a regular yoga class, reducing the risk of injury or strain, while your heart, lungs and circulatory system work harder to give you a cardio workout. Prepare to sweat – and enjoy the extra benefit of a detox! Some yoga experience beneficial! Not suitable for under 18’s.


For hygiene reasons we advise you bring your own mat and take at least one large towel into the studio to lay on your mat. You may also want to bring a small towel for your brow (you will sweat!) and one for showering afterwards. You can hire towels at Reception (large £1.50 small £1.00) or bring your own. We also sell specialist hot yoga towels, perfectly designed to fit your mat and with extra grip to stop you sliding around.

Come hydrated and avoid eating anything heavy 2-3 hours before class. Bring a bottle for water, you can fill up in the kitchen. Women usually wear shorts or leggings and a sports top, men wear shorts and vest / T-shirt. Your first class will be HARD. Take things gently and go at your own pace. This is your practice, it will build over time. It’s fine to sit or lie down for as long as you need to but aim to stay in the room until the end of class.

Upcoming Online Classes

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