Faye Fenton – Pregnancy Yoga

Faye Fenton – Pregnancy Yoga

Having a baby? Or thinking about getting pregnant? Join Faye for this 50 minute relaxing Yoga class to help you relax, feel strong and soft in all the right places, sleep better, and connect with your baby. The class streams every day, at 8am, 10am, 2pm and 8pm.

Suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy onwards, not during your first trimester. Make sure you have the OK from your midwife or consultant that it’s safe for you to practise yoga. Everything is optional, stop and rest whenever you need to, and modify the postures in whatever feels right for your body.

Use a yoga mat or something non-slip to stand on and a wall or chair to lean against is also useful if your balance is a little off today. Have a blanket, cushions, and a yoga block (or a couple of chunky books) handy. Use these props to create a nest and to bring the earth closer to you.

When we are pregnant our bodies are already more flexible than usual, due to the hormone, Relaxin. Focus on gently building strength from the ground up, rather than flexibility. You’re growing a whole new human here, be gentle with yourself – think 70% effort, 100% joy.

Note: You’ll receive an auto-email with a link to ‘Join The Class’, and a reminder email an hour before. Check your JUNK / SPAM folders, you’ll need this email to access the class. Follow the link and you’ll see ‘Already registered and paid for this online class?’ – sign in to the class with your name and email you registered with. The link will not work with other names / email addresses, it’s unique to you. BE SURE TO ARRIVE 5 MINS EARLY FOR CLASS. Once the class has started streaming you won’t be able to jump in, sorry!

We recommend you view online classes on a laptop or tablet, email links and the chat facility may not work on a mobile phone.

Classes stream every day, three times a day. The booking system only displays the class times for the upcoming date.

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