Welcome to Barefoot Harborne.

We see yoga do incredible things for all sorts of folk every single day, from home-office workers to builders to our nation of carers…as well as the occasional footballer or dancer. The body is incredibly adaptive and we see amazing changes even in people who haven’t moved their bodies for a long time. We are stronger than we think we are!

But really, yoga is about going inwards, letting go of the monkey-mind and enjoying what our can bodies can do, right here, right now. And as we become fitter and more flexible on the mat as well as in the mind, this new found agility and poise begins to seep into regular life too. Yoga magic.

At Harborne you’ll find a light and airy yoga space, therapy rooms, gorgeous interiors, and the helpful go-the-extra-mile service we’re renowned for. And of course our awesome teachers. Classes 7 days a week. Whether complete beginner or seasoned yogi, we have the class for you.

Our Story.


Barefoot Harborne opened in 2012, after Faye and Simon Fenton transformed an unloved solicitors building into a beautiful slice of High Street Zen; a dedicated yoga studio for every-body. The couple had already done something similar with the laid-back Fentons coffee shop in the Noughties, when fed-up with a lack of independent cafes they set up their own.

Fast forward a few years and Faye discovered yoga! Pregnancy Yoga. Then Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga, Flow Yoga. All yoga! Never one to separate work from play, Barefoot was born:

“Looking after our Barefooters isn’t that different to serving up good food and drink really, helping people feel nourished and happy, more connected to all beings! I love it when we see people leaving the studio, super-charged and alive, already smiling at strangers.”

Harborne Classes.