We’re Hiring!

Interested in working as a Studio Co-ordinator, part-time Studio Assistant, Yoga Teacher or part of our Karma Crew (volunteer – free yoga in return for getting stuck into anything and everything)? We’re hiring…and expanding beyond Harborne into Kings Heath from January 2018!

If you’re 110% into helping people, like to have fun with yoga, chatty yet professional, reliable, charismatic, patient, and an all-round LIFE-LOVER, get in touch:

Email faye@barefootbirmingham.com with your LinkedIn Profile or old skool C.V. and the answers to the following:

Name / Mobile /Email
Where do you live?
Position and location applying for (state Harborne or Kings Heath or both / either)
Relevant experience / training for role
Availability (specify exact days/evenings /times possible start-date)
Any holiday/time-off already in the diary? – Please specify
Why choose yoga?
Why choose Barefoot?
How will you contribute to our culture of helping people to stay happy, healthy and a yoga-addict for life?
What’s the best customer service / help you’ve ever received?
What’s the best you’ve ever given?
Why should Barefoot choose you?

We generally have more opportunities during evenings and weekends, but some daytime positions too. Drop me a line with ALL the deets above. Faye x

Jivamukti Wor Birminghamkshop

Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Agata Makiela – 18 Nov 2017

Join us for an ‘Introduction to the method of Jivamukti Yoga’ workshop. Jivamukti yoga is a method that is physically and intellectually stimulating. The workshop is open to all levels of experience and is perfect for those wanting to explore the fundamentals of the Jivamukti method. We will be exploring balancing postures, philosophy from the 5 tenets of Jivamukti yoga (ahimsa – non-harming, bhakti – devotion, dhyana – meditation, shastra – scripture and nada – sound), Sanskrit chanting, breath work (pranayama) and we will round it off with guided meditation and deep relaxation.

Book early, Jivamukti workshops nearly always sell out!

Sat 18 Nov 2017 3-6pm
£30 / Early Bird £25 (Book by 18 Sept 2017)

Book Now


Barefoot Kings Heath Launch Offer

Kings Heath Soft Opening Sat 13 Jan – this Saturday!

Yay we have lift-off! Come join us this Sat 13 Jan for the soft opening of Barefoot Kings Heath and Wake-Up Yoga 9.15-10.15am.  Please arrive 9am sharp!

Things may not be perfect, still a few details to finish but the paint will be dry (just) and, hey, you can say you were there at the beginning:-) The Launch Offer of £15 for 15 days of yoga (limited to first 100 peeps) is valid for this class, you can buy it here right now!  New website and flyers go live tomorrow, this is your chance to get in early before it all goes yoga-mad.

The lovely Owen will be guiding us through our very first class, still a few spots left. All welcome, including adventurous beginners.

The priceless little things that make you smile

Non-attachment to physical and material objects may be one of the yogic principles, but sometimes there are things you can’t help but hang on to. Because they’re the priceless little things that make you smile.


This sign lives on our tea dresser in the Harborne studio reception. Like Jon Moult says, we give thanks to the fact that we are physically able to do the things we do. So we love this visual reminder that greets us every time we come in. (The Scrabble geek in us is smiling, too.)

We picked up this peace card at meditation festival some years ago, and we’ve kept it close ever since. It may be a bit worn and tattered around the edges, but we love the sentiment – it’s everything we hope Barefoot does, every day. What can you do right now to turn up the level of peace inside you?



We’re mighty proud of this latest addition to Barefoot Harborne – cycle hoops on our railings to encourage more yogis on bikeys. It makes us super-duper happy to see you yogis going green and healthy – and you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your bike is safe and secure while you’re in class. Our frontage on the High Street has been pretty low-key thus far, so we also love that you can see these Barefoot-red cycle hoops from a mile away!


Making Friends for Life through Yoga

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of beautiful human beings come through the doors at Barefoot. We’re glad we get to keep some of you more firmly-rooted Brummies. But life being what it is – and yogis being as transient and mercurial as you are – others move away. And while we’re sad to see you go, we also know this is not the end of our story…

We thought we’d share this lovely thank-you note from Jasmine Field, Happy Barefooter, Front Desk Elf, and friend for life!

“Barefoot is a safe haven in the middle of Brum! There are all the facilities you need and more. All the little things like shower gel/shampoo in the showers and hair bobbles if you’ve forgotten yours make Barefoot feel so welcoming and show that you will be cared for from the moment you walk through the door.

The staff are always so smiley and friendly, they know you by first name and take an interest in your life and are willing to help/assist/chat with any query.

The encouraged community feel at the studio is second to none and I found I made many friends for life from regularly attending classes.

I sorely miss attending the studio now that I have moved away but I’ll always pop in every time I’m in Brum. Thank you for everything, Team Barefoot!”

Step inside the Yoga TARDIS… Barefoot’s 5th Birthday Open House

Sat 11 November 9am to 3pm is Barefoot’s 5th Birthday Open House… and even better, it’s a fundraiser for local homelessness charity Let’s Feed Brum. Check out the full schedule below. Expect yoga & meditation classes, mini physiotherapy checks for sports injuries, spinal or post-natal issues as well as TED-style talks on wellbeing. All free, but any donations to Let’s Feed Brum on the day will be hugely appreciated 

There’s a whole host of family-friendly healthy stuff planned; yummy free snacks, drinks, the Great Barefoot Bake-off, and of course yoga (maybe not in that order). Love TEDtalks? Book into some great sessions on wellbeing with Barefoot’s resident psychologists, Think Psychology. Limited spaces available, advance booking highly recommended. 

Here’s the schedule for the day:

 9.15-10am Beginner’s Yoga

10-10.45am Taking Another Look at Mindfulness

10.15-10.45am Mum & Baby Yoga

11-11.45am The Power of Acceptance

11-11.45am Energising Yoga 

12-12.45pm Working Out What Matters to You

12-12.45pm Meditation & Chanting

1-1.45pm Five Steps to Psychological Wellbeing

1.15-1.45pm Kids Yoga 

 2-2.45pm What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?


Barefoot Birmingham was created with the mission of making yoga available to the whole community – young, old, bendy or stiff. 5 years on and our family-run business has helped hundreds of local people to discover, or rediscover, the joy of movement and exercising in a non-competitive zen-like environment.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned yogi, office-worker, carer or builder, we would you love to come celebrate our 5th birthday with us, snap up some great joining offers and help make a difference to the growing number of people living on our streets.

Start booking your sessions HERE or sign up for the Great Barefoot Bake-off HERE

3 reasons why you need to be at Barefoot Birmingham’s 5th Birthday Open House

Can you believe it?! Barefoot is 5! Above pic from our very first Open Day back in 2012… and this is your invitation to our 5th Birthday Open House on Sat 11 Nov, 10am-2pm.
Barefoot was created with the mission of making yoga available to the whole community – young, old, bendy or stiff.
We keep our classes fresh and make sure you’re looked after at every step of your yoga journey with us. We’ve grown our team of fun, friendly teachers and Front Deskers that you know and love. We’ve met so many of you wild and wonderful people, each with their own unique story to celebrate.
So we’d love for you to come celebrate with us. Bring as many friends as you like and Save the date – Sat 11 Nov! A day of yoga, meditation, therapy tasters, self-development talks and yummy snacks.

Classes are free but any donation you’re able to make will go direct to homelessness charity, Let’s Feed Brum.

We’ve got a whole morning of wellbeing and healthy fun times planned, so come join us for some yummy free snacks, drink, and yoga (maybe not in that order). There will be a birthday notice board in studio with updates to the agenda – keep your eyes peeled!

1. Free yoga! Check out the free yoga class schedule here.

2. The Great Barefoot Bake-off
If you live in Harborne and you’ve ever had a birthday, it’s likely you’ve had a Homemade in Harborne masterpiece. Kellie Wacogne makes these gorgeous treaties from her family kitchen, and she’ll be judging the first ever Barefoot Bake-off. There’s going to be some seriously yummy cake competing for the top prize – so get those cake-baking ideas going. More deets to follow.

3. Love TEDtalks? So do we. Check out these great sessions on psychological wellbeing with Barefoot’s resident psychologists, Think Psychology. Limited spaces available, so book now!

10am Taking Another Look at Mindfulness
11am The Power of Acceptance
12pm Working Out What Matters to You
1pm Five Steps to Psychological Wellbeing
2pm What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?

The Great Barefoot Bake-Off 11 Nov 2017 – Enter your cake and win free yoga!

Sat 11 Nov is Barefoot’s 5th Birthday Bash and of course we’re having a Bake-Off to celebrate. Register your cake using the entry form below. The Bake-Off theme is ‘YOGA LOVE’ or ‘WHAT BAREFOOT MEANS TO ME’ (same thing, right) and the winner gets all sorts of Barefoot goodies including a free yoga workshop. Judging the creations will be Queen-of-Cakes, Kellie Wacogne, Chief Cake-maker for The Plough and all-round yogi goddess.

Simply download the form below and bring it with your cake on the day between 9am and 9.45am, ready for judging at 10.30am. Cake, like yoga, is for sharing, please don’t enter unless you’re happy to 🙂


Jon Moult yoga workshop at Barefoot

Hips & Hamstrings. Yoga Anatomy Workshop with Jon Moult – Sun 21 Jan 2018

Releasing tightness in our bodies through the use of asana is standard, but we can become frustrated when we feel that our progress isn’t as immediate as we would like. Notably, our hips and our hamstrings often seem reluctant to open which can make our physical practice more labour intensive. However there are scientifically proven techniques and methods that we can apply which hasten this process of opening and lengthening. By applying science and a sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology we can make gains faster than you may think.

This workshop gives you a chance to try these methods and gain a better understanding of how your body works and responds to stretching and opening techniques. Suitable for all levels of ability but especially for those that want to take their asana to the next level.

Sun 21 January 2018
£30 / £25 Early Bird (Book by 21 Dec.)

Jon’s workshops always sell out, book early guys!

Book Now

yoga nidra workshop

Yoga Nidra Workshop – Sat 24 March 2018

Tired, stressed, anxious? Struggling with a creative project or simply need to make more time to relax? Then Yoga Nidra could be the exact thing you are looking for.

Join Claire Corfield for a gentle flowing asana sequence, pranayama (breathing) exercises, meditation and healing sounds and music. All designed to aid relaxation and to prepare you for a long, yummy, yoga Nidra.
Be prepared for complete relaxation like you’ve never experienced before…

Sat 24 March 2018
Cost: £30 or £25 Early Bird (until 24 January)

Read More & Book

How to be “better” at yoga

You know you love your regular yoga classes, but have you ever got the feeling that that’s not enough? You may be wondering how to be “better” at yoga.

Yoga greed is real, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. (That’s a whole post all by itself.) Home practice is seen as the next level – where you work on the postures that you feel like working on. You’ll be glad to know, even if it’s child’s pose for half an hour after a really stressful day at work – that counts as well.

Check out our superwoman Rose (pictured above) making time for some kitchen chaturanga while waiting for that lasagna…

So here’s our number one tip that’s going to make this seemingly daunting task a whole lot more manageable.

Just start with ONE sun salutation. No more, no less. Just commit to ONE sun salutation each morning, or afternoon or whenever, same time of day if you can. Before you have chance to even realise it you’ll want to do another. And another… and another!

Before long you’ll be like, “Ooh, I feel a Triangle would be nice now, then a Side Angle pose, you’ll just feel it. You don’t even need to roll out your mat… although if you roll it out night before it’s there waiting for you in the morning like an open invite = zilch mental effort required.

Try it. Just one Sun Salutation – to take your practice to the next level. Totally worth it. Especially if you’ve been coming to classes for a while, you’ll have picked up plenty of knowledge on how to practice safely. Happy self-practising!