Our Story

Yoga means union or to ‘yoke’ and we’re here to help you do just that. Achieving a strong mind-body connection is what gives you that delicious post-exercise glow, that feeling that leaves you beaming at complete strangers… and keeps you coming back for more.

Yoga allows you to quieten your mind by focusing on your body and breath – an extremely effective tool to reduce stress levels and strengthen the body. Result? Calm mind, lovely toned body. Pilates is great for restoring stability and balance to the body, an ideal starting point for anyone with back problems.

We’ve put a lot of thought into designing a studio environment and programme tailored to your needs, while still offering great value for money. Here are just some of the things that we think make Barefoot special:

  • We operate a social enterprise with a mission to make yoga and pilates available to the whole community – young and old, bendy or stiff.
  • A really BIG beautiful WARM sweet-smelling studio for up to 50 people. Soft lighting, windows, calm…gorgeous.
  • A smaller more initimate studio for small group and personal pilates training. Ideal for back problems…or if you’re after abs of steel.
  • Flexible & fair pricing. Pay for a single ‘drop-in’ class, a monthly ‘ unlimited’ package, or a 10-class pass.
  • Welcoming & knowledgable team – from reception to studio, our people are friendly, well-trained experts ready to help you reach your goals and enjoy the journey.
  • Free mats – you can buy your own when you’re ready.
  • Free water – why pay for the bottled stuff when Birmingham has the best on tap? Bring an old bottle and re-use.
  • BIG hot showers – for if you’re heading out after Hot Yoga.
  • Chill-out area & refreshments – for tea and chat. Feel free to arrive early (door open 15 mins before class), but turn off that phone.
  • Handy little extras – like baby wipes, moisturiser and plastic bags (for your hard-worked kit) in the changing rooms.
  • Great location – we’re right on the Harborne / Edgbaston border at the junction of Harborne High Street and Nursery Road, just opposite the Green Man Pub. We’re on on the main bus route just 2.5 miles out of Birmingham City Centre. Plenty of railings to chain you bike to and car parking nearby.

Already a regular Barefooter? We want to keep improving so please do tell us what you do and don’t like – and what we could do better or different. We really welcome your ideas and feedback. Email us now info@barefootbirmingham.com