Dave Glover

  • Hometown:
    Birmingham (for the last 15 years anyway!)
  • Favourite Food:
    Hmm. Tricky one, I love food, and love to cook but it's hard to pick a favourite! Pizza. That's a safe bet! Yum!
  • Favourite Drink:
    Coffee! The smell, the ritual of making a fresh brew, that first sip... Ahhhh... That's the stuff!
  • Favourite Yoga Position:
    Samastitihi – sometimes known as 'ready pose', 'equal standing' or 'mountain pose'. The first pose you do before you start your practice, that quiet stillness full of potential.
  • Favourite Colour:
    White – it goes with everything.
  • Favourite Animal:
    Can't decide between my two favourites: Cats and squirrels! Cats because they really embody the grace, flexibility and strength we yogi's aspire to, and also they're super cute and sleep all the time. Squirrels - The ninjas of the woods and parkland areas! See them gracefully leap from tree to tree and then stealthily steal your snacks from the bench next to you. Also they plant so many trees by forgetting where they buried the seeds they found, which is both super cute and environmentally responsible.
  • Favourite Book:
    Super Powereds by Drew Hayes – The adventures of a group of kids at super hero college. Exciting, funny, and with great characters. Makes you wonder what your super power would be!
  • Favourite Movie:
    Fight Club, because I'm complex like that...??
  • Why Yoga?
    Want to meditate, reduce stress, learn about yourself, become stronger, more flexible, and healthier, develop awareness of yourself and others, and have fun all at the same time? Get on the mat!