I love Barefoot! The chilled out vibe, the sweet smell of incense as you walk in, and the friendly and welcoming staff. But the best thing about Barefoot is the quality of the yoga tuition, the instructors really know their stuff.  Barefoot’s are some of the best classes I have ever been to whilst doing yoga for the last 8 years.  I am addicted, and definitely feel the difference if I don’t get my daily dose.  I can’t recommend Barefoot enough, I moved to Harborne just so that I could walk to the studio everyday!”

Sofia Hansrod

I  warmly recommend Barefoot Yoga to anyone interested in starting or renewing an interest in Yoga, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the teaching uniformly good, in some cases clearly expert.”

Dave C.

I have tried lots of classes at Barefoot and found ones I love going to on a regular basis, particularly the ashtanga and hot yoga – both very demanding in their own way and the candle lit yoga is a lovely way to end the week.  I have signed up for the half year membership which allows me to book classes to fit around my family and work commitments each week. I feel very lucky to a have such a wonderful facility on my doorstep.”

Amanda Martin

I have been attending barefoot for 3 months now and I have to say that, discovering Barefoot is one of the best things I have ever done. Yoga has now become a part of my life , I really enjoy it and feel balanced and since practising yoga, it has helped me to make shifts in my personal life and discover and learn about myself. I cannot recommend the service at Barefoot Birmingham enough, the yoga teachers are amazing, friendly & experienced, well worth a try even after one session, I felt the difference.”

Heather Hunter

You really don’t need to be good or even basic at yoga to enjoy BB. Absolutely everyone who attends the classes are at different levels and you just concentrate on your own practice, even if it just amounts to a good stretch!! The instructors are all different and bring their varied expertise to the class with no expectation from the student. I love it!!”

Marilyn Ward