Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions… Work in Progress

So you’d expect that as strong, disciplined yogis well-established in our practice (ahem), we’d be full of tips, advice and hacks to keeping your New Year’s resolutions. The Internet is rife with those, and the honest truth is that everyone – yes, even those who profess those wise words of wisdom – everyone’s still a work in progress.

So instead, we thought we’d share what’s on the list for Team Barefoot. You all are such a lovely supportive community here at Barefoot. We’re sure that together, we’ll make New Year’s resolutions more fun – and achievable! Have a read, share yours, and let’s keep each other on track in 2017.



Faye Fenton – “I’ve only kept New Year’s resolutions twice – once a couple of years ago when it was to do more fun stuff (best year ever!) and last year when it was to get rid of stuff (pleasingly therapeutic). In 2017, I think I’ll do both… no wait, I’m DOING both. All about the present tense – already happening!”



Mel Monks – “2017 will be my year to get back into cycling. It’s been 6 years since I cycled 280 miles in China for charity and this September I’ll be challenging myself to do a 100 miles in a day in the Birmingham Velo. If there are any keen cyclists out there with training tips then please let me know. I expect I’ll be needing my yoga more than ever this year to help combat those tight legs!”



Lucy Fellows – ‘Mine is to do a lot more yoga – and Pilates *cry face*. To look after myself better and try to gain a little more strength in my non-existent core.”



Afiah Bahtiar – “To do the things that scare me. Play more open mic nights – you’re all invited!’



Mandy Rees – ‘Mine is to take 5 minutes at the end of each day and complete a gratitude journal to make sure the things I am blessed with don’t pass me by.”



Deirdre Fagan – “To make more time for myself. I have this constant need to be doing something, be it with someone or for someone, and don’t make enough time to just sit and be. This year is all about having more me time.’

What are your resolutions this year? Got any tips to help Team Barefoot on their respective missions? Let’s keep each other on track in 2017 – we got this!