Adjustments Workshop with Mark Freeth Sun 24 Nov 10.30am-1.30pm

Ever considered becoming a yoga instructor? Or maybe you’d just like a deeper insight into your own practice? The adjustments & assistance we receive in a yoga class can guide us towards a better understanding of a pose and our practice as a whole. But also, adjusting someone else in a pose allows us to see that posture in a very different way – and we can carry that information away with us and apply it to our own exploration on the mat.

In this ‘shop Mark will introduce you to a selection of safe adjustments to some familiar postures via pair work. The vibe will be fun and informal. Mark is both a skilled and sensitive instructor with 13 teaching years under his belt and thru the FYP, he co-runs one of the most highly respected teacher training programs in the UK. This workshop is open to any yoga practitioner – no matter what discipline you come from – maybe you’re already a teacher, but come from a tradition where hands-on adjustments weren’t encouraged – or maybe you’d just like a refresher? All are welcome. However, this event is not suitable to absolute beginners.

Cost: £35

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