Bernie McFall: A Miracle Story

Bernie McFall has been practising yoga at Barefoot since March 2017. Though straight-talking and pragmatic, she oozes emotion and inspiration. Everyone who hears her story is always wowed by her commitment to her yoga and her new healthy lifestyle. She’s our August Barefooter of the Month, and she talks to us about coming back from the dead and how yoga can help with serious, life-threatening illness.


What lead you to take up yoga at Barefoot?

I had a massive heart attack in December 2016, which resulted in me losing my life for 20 minutes. I was placed on life support. My family and friends held a vigil at my bedside. I felt that I could show gratitude to the medics who saved my life by living a much healthier lifestyle. Barefoot was there to support me from the start.

What barriers / concerns did you have to overcome?

After the heart attack, I found out that I had rheumatoid arthritis, which was very painful. My GP advised that I would not be able to have medication for the arthritis due to my heart condition and suggested I take up yoga or water aerobics.

How has Barefoot / yoga improved your life?

I am pleased to announce that since starting yoga I am pain-free and feel very well.  Barefoot has changed my life forever – I am stronger, healthier and can take on any challenges that life throws at me with ease.

Any tips for anyone else who might have experienced serious life threatening events / illnesses?

Wherever I can, I promote yoga. It is possible to be pain- and drug-free in a short period of time. It makes you feel fantastic and alive. I wish to say a big thank you to the staff and my wonderful teachers.


Thank you, Bernie for being an inspiration to us all!