Intro To Yoga Teacher Training: Am I Ready? 18 Sept 2021

Workshop with Jon Moult & Tania Moutinho; what to expect from Barefoot Yoga Teacher Training + taster yoga class.

If you LOVE YOGA, you may have wondered about learning more about this ancient practice and its roots. Maybe you’re considering becoming a Yoga teacher?

If you’re thinking about taking your Yoga to the next level, but not sure if you’re ready, then this workshop is for you. (clue: you don’t need to be able to do fancy postures or speak Sanskrit!)

Come and get the low-down on the next 7 month course starting Jan 2022.

The workshop will answer all your burning questions as well as giving you the opportunity to meet and practise with your course trainers. 

It will include:

  • Presentation of the course (Outline of YTT content & assessment, structure, teachers, concepts & ethos)
  • interviews with past grads
  • ‘Am I ready?’ talk
  • Q&A with trainers
  • YTT style taster yoga class (with Jon and Tania)

Attend in-person at our Harborne studio – or via Zoom (in this case, be sure to sign-up for the separate Virtual Workshop instead). 

Saturday, 18 September
2.00pm – 4.00pm
£5 (refundable if you take YTT course)

Book here.

Read more about the full Yoga Teacher Training course starting January 2022 here.