Pregnancy yoga and home birth

We had a lovely email from prenatal yogini (and now mum to beautiful baby Eleanor) Georgina Martin with news of her calm, empowered home birth after having attended pregnancy yoga classes with Claire at our Harborne studio. 

Home births may appear to be relatively unconventional by the medical standards of the last century. However, healthy women’s bodies are designed to give birth. Our pregnancy yoga in Harborne can help put you back in touch with your natural birthing instincts, connect to your changing body and your baby growing inside.

Georgina used a combination of breathing techniques, gentle movements and visualisations from pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing to help while in labour and delivery. She says that being relaxed and in a familiar environment was what made Eleanor’s delivery progress so quickly. There was no time for gas and air or to even make use of the birthing pool! And just a few hours later, the house was tidy, and the new family were snuggled up together happily in their nest.

She’s sent us this lovely photo (above), which captures the happiness and celebratory atmopshere present after the birth. You really do feel like Superwoman once you become a mum! Congratulations to the Martins, and lots of love from the Barefoot family.

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