The priceless little things that make you smile

Non-attachment to physical and material objects may be one of the yogic principles, but sometimes there are things you can’t help but hang on to. Because they’re the priceless little things that make you smile.


This sign lives on our tea dresser in the Harborne studio reception. Like Jon Moult says, we give thanks to the fact that we are physically able to do the things we do. So we love this visual reminder that greets us every time we come in. (The Scrabble geek in us is smiling, too.)

We picked up this peace card at meditation festival some years ago, and we’ve kept it close ever since. It may be a bit worn and tattered around the edges, but we love the sentiment – it’s everything we hope Barefoot does, every day. What can you do right now to turn up the level of peace inside you?



We’re mighty proud of this latest addition to Barefoot Harborne – cycle hoops on our railings to encourage more yogis on bikeys. It makes us super-duper happy to see you yogis going green and healthy – and you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your bike is safe and secure while you’re in class. Our frontage on the High Street has been pretty low-key thus far, so we also love that you can see these Barefoot-red cycle hoops from a mile away!