How to be “better” at yoga

You know you love your regular yoga classes, but have you ever got the feeling that that’s not enough? You may be wondering how to be “better” at yoga.

Yoga greed is real, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. (That’s a whole post all by itself.) Home practice is seen as the next level – where you work on the postures that you feel like working on. You’ll be glad to know, even if it’s child’s pose for half an hour after a really stressful day at work – that counts as well.

Check out our superwoman Rose (pictured above) making time for some kitchen chaturanga while waiting for that lasagna…

So here’s our number one tip that’s going to make this seemingly daunting task a whole lot more manageable.

Just start with ONE sun salutation. No more, no less. Just commit to ONE sun salutation each morning, or afternoon or whenever, same time of day if you can. Before you have chance to even realise it you’ll want to do another. And another… and another!

Before long you’ll be like, “Ooh, I feel a Triangle would be nice now, then a Side Angle pose, you’ll just feel it. You don’t even need to roll out your mat… although if you roll it out night before it’s there waiting for you in the morning like an open invite = zilch mental effort required.

Try it. Just one Sun Salutation – to take your practice to the next level. Totally worth it. Especially if you’ve been coming to classes for a while, you’ll have picked up plenty of knowledge on how to practice safely. Happy self-practising!