Yoga Nourishment Workshops – May & June 2016

Yoga Nourishment workshops, Barefoot Birmingham

Join us for three fantastic Yoga Nourishment workshops.

Saturdays 2-4.30pm, 28 May / 11 June / 25 June 2016

Book all three workshops for £65 or £30 each (£25 early bird).

28 May 2016 (Workshop 1)

YOGA NOURISHMENT Hormone Rebalance
This workshop introduces how nutrition and holistic healing can help with health conditions and weight issues related to hormone imbalance. We will explore hypo and hyperthyroidism, oestrogen imbalances, diabetes and physical and lifestyle related stress. The session includes a 45 min yoga class and forms part a wider weight management programme based on the principles of the Hormone Reset by Sarah Gottried.

11 June 2016 (Workshop 2)

YOGA NOURISHMENT Holistic Healing for Women
This workshop introduces basic nutrition and holistic women’s health. We will cover all aspects of women’s health including, menstrual problems, fertility, menopause and breast cancer.

Workshop Overview

* Overview of women’s health issues and the key health risks
* Holistic Healing for Women
* Yoga session focusing on women’s health through empowering asana (yoga poses)
* Guided meditation session to nurture and develop self-care

25 June 2016 (Workshop 3)

YOGA NOURISHMENT Food intolerance and Gut Healing 
Many of us have a mild food intolerance which affects our health, yet we are often unaware. This workshop introduces the basics of nutrition and digestion. The course will cover all aspects of food intolerance and give helpful tips on improving digestion.

Workshop Overview

• Allergies and food intolerance
• Processed foods, additives and preservatives
• Gut healing
• Yoga session focusing on poses to enhance the digestion process
• Pranayama (focusing of breath) to help boost calmness in the nervous system and boost overall health

Course Leaders
The workshops will be led by Dawn Carr, Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant, of Weight Off Workshops West Midlands, and Preya Chauhan, Complementary Therapist and Hatha Yoga teacher for Cherish Healing.