How yoga can help deal with change

Yoga’s a very personal practice – you come to the mat for many different reasons, and benefit from it in very different ways. At Barefoot, we consider ourselves lucky when we’re able to help – and we’re ever so grateful for this thank you note on how yoga can help deal with change. By Barefooter Vicky Crees.

“I moved into Birmingham in January 2016 to a city centre apartment. I had recently started a new job in a really fast-paced business and I was working really long hours. I had also met my boyfriend; three major things in my life changed at the same time. I knew I had taken on too much, and I wasn’t prepared to compromise on any of the other things in my life, like seeing my friends and family, but didn’t want to fail at any of it. So I carried on trying to do everything, life was filled to the brim. I would work late, sit in traffic for two hours a day, and start work again as soon as I got home. My work / life balance was completely out of kilter and I knew it, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I began to feel really stressed out, even by the smallest things, and quite frequently was now experiencing mild anxiety.

A friend recommended Barefoot, where crucially, there were classes later in the evening, which made it possible for me to get there after a long day at work. The teacher Mel was fantastic, and would give me help individually when I needed it. Also for those people who were more experienced, she would offer more advanced options.  Each class was different which made it really interesting, and she gave me some tips on practising at home, which I found helped me a lot when I couldn’t make class. I was beginning to find some form of calm back in my life, and really looked forward to going to class.

I now enjoy going to classes two or three times a week. I go to different classes depending on how I’m feeling and there are some really experienced teachers. Gosia is fabulous, she teaches Yoga Flow (Level 2) and even though I find it calming, I feel like I am also working really hard.  I have tried most of the classes now, and it’s great to have some variety. I’ve taken classes with Suzi who is a great teacher. She begins the class by setting an intention, and saying a few words in her very own unique way – usually about the challenges we face in life and how we can learn to deal with them. Now when I arrive at Barefoot, I instantly feel calmer, and the stresses from the day seem to wash away.

I seem to have managed my stress levels, become much calmer and content, and I know yoga has been a massive part of that. I now have a new job which I enjoy much more. Practising yoga has helped me deal with the challenges in life, and manage change. When I feel like there is too much going on in life, I know I’m not going to Barefoot enough! The team at Barefoot have helped me immensely over the last 12 months, so thank you to everyone.”

Thank you Vicky for letting us be part of your yoga journey! Got a personal experience, story or opinion you’d like to share? Email us at, you can be an anonymous contributor if you prefer.