5 Reasons Why Barefoot Has the Best Yoga Social Scene in Birmingham

It’s not an exclusive club by any means, but we’ve scouted around and it’s our wholly unbiased opinion that Barefoot is in fact, the Birmingham yoga studio with the best social scene.


Here’s 5 reasons why:


  1. The people who work here love yoga, but they also really, really love people – and having fun.


2. The teachers make time for you. Even as fully grown humans, we model behaviours from our teachers, and the people around us. The sad fact is, in a post-class environment where everyone is in a hurry to get to their next thing, that’s what you end up doing, too.

  1. Everyone goes here. No, really. Everyone. We’ve got our resident physios and psychologists. We’ve got students, retirees, artists, jobseekers, nomads, candlestick makers – okay, maybe no candlestick makers. Plenty of DIY candle-making hobbyists, though. It’s a great place to meet friends from all walks of life. And it’s easy to strike up a conversation, because you already share a common favourite yoga pose (savasana).


  1. Aside from yoga, we do really cool, fun stuff. Like bellydancing, selling luxe lollies at festivals, and watching outdoor plays in torrential rain.


  1. The Plough is right next door.

This needs no explanation if you’ve ever walked down Harborne High Street and your olfactory organ is in a state of normal functioning. If further details are needed, here it is in menu form. Our body is a temple, but every now and then the temple gardens need watering, too.


So what are you waiting for? Find your new favourite activity, and a whole bunch of awesome people to do it with – right here in the most fun yoga studio in Birmingham.