How yoga improves your intuition and helps inspire decision-making

You know the feeling. Muscles in your body tend to get tight, restricted, or tired, whether from your movement habits or injury/trauma.

Chronic or constant, it’s low-level enough that you’re not often aware of the discomfort. But it’s there, just on the edge of your awareness – making you feel vaguely like you’re just not 100%.

A focused and consistent yoga practice allows physical knots and tensions to melt away, smoothing out the tangled thoughts in your mind.

Our regular Barefooter, Surrinder Moyler shared her experience with us. She’d been struggling for some time with a decision about whether to take a job in Oncology nursing with the NHS or in a private hospital. She’d been offered both.

Surrinder came to Dave’s Warm Yoga on Monday night, slept well that night and woke up with absolutely no doubt as to what to do. She’d had a moment of clarity – “I pushed away my ego and the need for glory, and chose my heart’s true calling –  to care for all cancer patients  and provide holistic care straight from my heart.”

The next morning Surrinder bought a bunch of flowers for the Matron who showed her around at the NHS job and made an appointment for her uniform fitting – something she’d been dodging for weeks. Congratulations, Surrinder! We’re very excited for you.

Yoga gives you practice in conscious, mindful movement. Gently stretching and relaxing tightness in your body has a parallel effect on the mind.

It’s a great feedback loop. The more you practice conscious movement, the more you are conscious of the subtle shifts in your body sensations. This frequently leads to a sense of enhanced intuition, a greater feeling of clarity and embodiment, and better decision making.

So what are you waiting for? Get on that mat and start tuning in…