Backbending with Jon Moult – Sun 06 August 2017

Jon Moult Yoga Workshop 2017

Backbends aren’t just about creating the perfect bridge, if you’re ready to cure hunched shoulders and open your heart come along to Jon’s workshop on August 6th 2:30-5pm. With a focus on anatomy, the workshop will explain how the rest of the body is integral to back flexibility.

Backbends can sometimes be a daunting proposition when we first practise them. They can expose a trepidation and fear that we can find difficult to overcome. Often the way in which we approach these asana can make all of the difference to achieving a positive result.

Come join Jon and learn how to create greater flexibility, strength and comfort in your back. Did we mention Backbends are also a great mood booster, heart opener and overall energiser? What’s not to love?! Let’s all get backbending.

Sunday 6 August 2017

Cost: £30

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