2017 Barefoot Yoga Holiday – Please vote!


The past two years’ yoga retreats have brought us to the sunny Balearics – first Samskara in rural Northern Ibiza, then heavenly La Serrania, Mallorca. So for 2017, do we stay (long weekend in UK) or do we go (seek a week in the sun)? Help us decide!

We’re generally slow to recognise the beauty and tranquillity on our doorstep. From scenic lakes to endless fields and forests, to blue-green valleys and cloud-covered peaks, the UK has it all. What better way to have an eco-friendly yoga holiday than to stay local? … But on the other hand, don’t we all need a Vit D fix at least a couple of times a year? And those sunny Mediterranean skies…come on, how often do we get to yoga outside in this country?

Updog in the UK or Savasana in the Sun? Click HERE to vote now!