Blissed out in Somerset: a yoga retreat close to home

Our third ever Barefoot yoga holiday was by-demand a yoga retreat closer to home – so it was no surprise that we were fully booked, 15 yogis including one brand-new beginner Barefooter, there for his partner’s birthday (true love!).

We were based at an uber-cool, super comfortable farmhouse, with luxurious bathrooms and posh organic toiletries and fluffy towels, cows, and our very own yummy vegan chef Julia.













Complete with lots of walking, 2.5 hours of energetic yoga to start the day, lots of falling over, laughter, birthday candles on amazing sugar-free berry cheesecake, singing, massage, and… unlocked doors at night! “We doynt borver wiv keys rownd these parts, moi lurve!” That’s our best Somerset accent.


You may have noticed some familiar faces this year from our 2016 adventures in the Balearics. We’re told it’s cos we’re pretty fun to go on holiday with! 😉 Fancy coming along for our next one? Sign up HERE to be the first to know about Barefoot’s next adventure…