Lighten Up! A reminder for your practice

First Barefoot blog ever and boy, am I chuffed to be the one writing it!

I’m Afiah, and you’ll have seen me in the studio most evenings and Saturday mornings since October 2013, behind Reception with my odd socks and superhuman touch-typing.

I met Jenn Russell just over a year ago – she was just back from months of being both teacher (yoga) and learner (surfing) in Morocco, and starting to experiment with her own brand of fusion dance/yoga style in Barefoot and at summer festivals across the UK.

Experimental, adventurous, daring and playful – to a killer beat: that’s what comes to mind when I think of those first classes that I did with Jenn.

Now she’s back after another year of travels and exploration, I’m excited to hear from her in the flesh. Jenn’s blog, at which she writes consistently beautiful musings always from the heart, lends us some very personal insight into her quest to live a life of authenticity.

Here are 5 Jenn quotes to remind you to lighten up – the most important thing is to show up and give it your best shot (because what you already are is enough):

1. “All we can do is live our truth and do our best to cultivate that unshakable faith that everything will turn out alright… if we have the courage to live what we love.”



2. “No, it’s not easy – it’s bloody hard, especially when it feels like life is handing you lemon after lemon but this is why we need to bolster ourselves with a bit of practice.”



3. “Sometimes you just need to let the beautiful animal of your body move freely, use your breath to guide you, and trust yourself to guide yourself.”



4. “You’re not on this earth to be liked, you’re here to live your truth”



5. “Turn up… Try… Fall… Laugh… Repeat. That’s yoga!”



Life’s too short to worry about trying to fit into smaller size leggings, or not being able to touch your toes. You’ll find me at Jenn’s Vinyasa Flow workshop on 10 Oct 2015, passionately moving my beautiful animal body and tumbling out of poses like a kid on a bouncy castle.

Don’t look at me like that… teacher said I could!