Making Friends for Life through Yoga

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of beautiful human beings come through the doors at Barefoot. We’re glad we get to keep some of you more firmly-rooted Brummies. But life being what it is – and yogis being as transient and mercurial as you are – others move away. And while we’re sad to see you go, we also know this is not the end of our story…

We thought we’d share this lovely thank-you note from Jasmine Field, Happy Barefooter, Front Desk Elf, and friend for life!

“Barefoot is a safe haven in the middle of Brum! There are all the facilities you need and more. All the little things like shower gel/shampoo in the showers and hair bobbles if you’ve forgotten yours make Barefoot feel so welcoming and show that you will be cared for from the moment you walk through the door.

The staff are always so smiley and friendly, they know you by first name and take an interest in your life and are willing to help/assist/chat with any query.

The encouraged community feel at the studio is second to none and I found I made many friends for life from regularly attending classes.

I sorely miss attending the studio now that I have moved away but I’ll always pop in every time I’m in Brum. Thank you for everything, Team Barefoot!”