Mellow-pause: Prep early for a healthy, stress-free menopause


Menopause is an inevitable stage in a woman’s life – unfortunately, the drastic hormonal changes that take place are usually accompanied by various uncomfortable changes in the body. Among the delights to look forward to: hot flushes, headaches, mood swings, low libido, and even short-term memory loss and difficulty with concentration.

The good news is that you can fight menopause symptoms naturally by preparing your body and mind for the changes of menopausal transition. Doctors agree that the earlier you start to cultivate “health-supporting behaviours” such as managing stress, building bone and muscular strength, and maintaining cardiovascular health, the better your body will be able to rebalance and restore during the changes of menopause.

Here are 4 yoga poses that you can start incorporating into your daily practice to prepare for a healthy menopause:

4 poses for menopause

(Photos sourced from: Yoga Journal)