Moving into Menopause – Yoga workshop. 04 Dec 2021

Yoga for menopause

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Saturday 04 December 2021, 2-5pm.
In-studio, Barefoot Birmingham Harborne.

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Feeling angry, irritable, or just not yourself? Brain fog? Anxious? Palpitations? Achy joints? Trouble sleeping?

Join Faye Fenton for this empowering yoga workshop and women’s circle to help ease the transition into peri-menopause and menopause – ready for your Second Spring.

Menopause is SO much more than hot flushes and your periods suddenly stopping. It’s a journey. Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, menopause is not something that only affects ‘older women’. Peri-menopause, the natural transition into menopause which often lasts a number of years, starts much younger and brings a whole host of symptoms.

Our Estrogen levels often start to drop in our 30’s or sometimes even earlier. Every woman is different, and as such, the symptoms we experience will also vary and change as we move from peri-menopause through menopause and into post-menopause.

The good news is that yoga (the right type, at the right time), the right information, and support from other women, can all help enormously on this journey. And in fact in some cultures – and in Traditional Chinese Medicine – this new chapter of our lives is framed as something to look forward to; it’s a woman’s Second Spring.

In this workshop you’ll learn more about hormones, lifestyle and stress, as well as how to use yoga and breathing techniques to reduce the stress triggers which exacerbate symptoms.

Suitable for women of all stages of menopause, with particular emphasis on how to feel better during peri-menopause. Whether you’re simply curious about recent changes in your mind and body, or you’re slap-bang in the middle of mood-swings and night sweats, you are most welcome.

Please bring a notepad and pen, a yoga mat, a bolster (or two pillows), two blankets and a couple of yoga blocks or bricks if you have them.

This is a women-only event. No yoga experience required.

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Non-members £35.

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