Yoga For Upper Body Strength – 23 April 2022

Dave Glover Barefoot Birmingham Yoga workshop

With Dave Glover

Sat 23 April 2022 at 2-4.30pm

At Barefoot Birmingham Yoga
Harborne studio (Just a couple of miles from Birmingham city centre) or virtually on Zoom


Would you like to improve the strength and definition of your arms, shoulders, back, and chest?

Sculpted arms, or nailing Crow pose may be on your wish list, but the benefits of a strong upper body go far beyond aesthetics. For starters, increased muscle mass comes with the benefits of improved bone density (especially important for women), boosted metabolism and a healthier heart. Not to mention the joy of being able to lift up a small child or heavy box without pulling your back.

Join Dave for this fun Yoga workshop focusing on upper body, strength drills, and tips and tweaks you can make to your practice to build more strength and confidence in the upper body.

Before you know it you’ll be flowing through arm balances and holding planks just for fun!

Suitable for all levels including beginners.

Please bring your own yoga mat, or you can buy one form us for £20.

In-Studio: Barefoot Monthly Members £30 / Non-members £35

On Zoom: Barefoot Monthly Members £20 / Non-members £25