The Art of Assisting – Workshop with Jon Moult. 18 Jun 2022

Saturday 18 June 2022. 1.00-4.30pm
With Jon Mouth & Hannah Johnson
In-Studio at Barefoot Birmingham, Harborne.

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A half-day workshop for yoga teachers, teachers in training, and anyone interested in deepening their yoga knowledge.

Have you lost confidence in how to help your yoga students with hands-on assists? Or perhaps you undertook your training during Covid restrictions when physical touch was off the menu?  Whether you’re a new teacher or simply feeling a bit rusty, this workshop will enable you to more fully connect with those in your classes and take your teaching to a new level.

Overview of the day

Learn safe, hands-on assists and adjustments for standing and seated asana.
How assists help to develop muscle memory in students.
Learn the principles for safe, respectful assisting.
Develop deep listening skills through assisting.
Explore the pros and cons of touch.
Consider best practices for conscious consensual touch – including when NOT to offer assists.
Learn how to adjust and approach students’ space with clear intention.
Encourage postures to come from within the individual with subtle but powerful assists.
Learn how to adapt poses for increased comfort, including offering props.

This will be a practical workshop with lots of partner work and playfulness. Bring a notebook and phone / camera to capture your learnings.